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International Research Center of Excellence (IRCE) and Health Focus GmbH discuss areas of collaboration

IRCE Collaborative Meeting with Health Focus GmbH

The Research Administration Unit of the IRCE operates in close collaboration with the IHVN Grants Management office, managing all non-financial matters related to externally sponsored grants and contracts awarded to IRCE-affiliated researchers. On behalf of IRCE, this unit coordinates the solicitation and administration of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.

The grants and contracts received by IRCE for a specific purpose or program, under the direction from a member of the faculty community are managed by Research Administration.

Responsibilities of this unit include but are not limited to:

• Assisting faculty and staff in identifying potential funding opportunities
• Providing faculty/staff with development services through various forms of outreach
• Overall post-award administration of grants and contracts awarded to IRCE
• Award receipt, negotiation and acceptance
• Data Management (Warehouse and Reporting)
• Sponsor, regulatory and expenditure compliance
• Effort reporting, financial reporting
• Account reconciliation and closeout
• Research Administration Training
• Audit Assistance and support
• Liaison with partners and IRBs

Principal investigators or program directors are encouraged to work closely with this unit to ensure seamless compliance with funders/ sponsors requirements. While maintaining a collaborative model of stewardship among all IRCE staff, the primary goal of this unit is to support sponsored research by providing exceptional service, expertise, and education to our organization’s stakeholders.