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International Research Center of Excellence (IRCE) and Health Focus GmbH discuss areas of collaboration

IRCE Collaborative Meeting with Health Focus GmbH

1. Serves as a source of information on Ethics
2. Provides administrative support to PIs and Study Coordinators for IRB submissions, modifications, and continuing review.
3. Monitors all IRCE-affiliated protocols on a regular basis.
4. Maintains duplicate records (CITI, TRREE) certificates, protocols and IRB approvals for all IRCE- affiliated studies.
5. Implements Quality Improvement Program, which includes IRB submission assistance and auditing regulatory binders.
6. Provides orientation for new IHVN investigators and external collaborators on ethics.

NB: Will NOT write protocols nor be responsible for IRB submissions, modifications, etc

Download IHVN IRB Guidelines and Required Documents for Ethical Review

IHVN IRB Requirements for Ethical Submission for Research
Guidelines for Clinical Trial Application