From ground-breaking discoveries to transformative insights, our research team is at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and advancing research to address locally relevant public health challenges while showcasing and documenting research output and growth.

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Laboratory and Biorepository Services

Our laboratory and biorepository services provide a solid foundation for impactful research. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, ranging from specimen collection and storage to advanced analytical techniques. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology, ensuring the integrity of our samples and the accuracy of our results.

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Data Management

In the era of big data, our team of Data Managers and Analysts is responsible for implementing robust data management strategies to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and accessibility of research data. Using cutting-edge analytical tools, transform raw data into actionable knowledge that propels research and innovation.

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Research Grants Administration

Our research grants administration team is pivotal in the research process, ensuring its smooth and efficient operation from the initial proposal and budget development to the final project report. Their expertise helps navigate the intricate landscape of grants and contracts, regulatory compliance and managing financial resources – allowing researchers to focus on their core research work

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Ethics and Regulatory Services

Our dedicated team specializes in meticulously evaluating research protocols, studies, and investigations to ascertain that they adhere to internationally recognized ethical principles and guidelines

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Training and Capacity Building

IRCE invests in the future of scientific excellence through creating opportunities for capacity building, training, and mentorship of young Nigerian researchers.

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At the data unit training, we had a review of various data management tools. Mastering the use of some features I discovered significantly enhanced my data management skills, ensuring the timely completion of my deliverables.

Clinical Data Management Training – Emeka Uzoukwu