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IRCE is building the capacity of individuals to function effectively in their various disciplines and departments.

Paul Siyanbola - Grants Management Officer

Non-communicable diseases have increasingly become a significant global health issue with a rising incidence in low and middle-income countries. The International Research Centre of Excellence (IRCE) engages in research in non-communicable diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. IRCE aims to foster collaboration between its researchers and NCD researchers globally to conduct research of the highest scientific and ethical standards in a wide range of research areas including the prevention and control of NCDs. The determinants of non-communicable diseases (including genetic, epigenetic, environmental and lifestyle factors), co-morbid conditions, and common risk factors and interventions relevant to various NCDs and their prevention also form a key focus of IRCE’s research objectives.

IRCE’s long term goal in non-communicable disease research is to create a self-sustainable infrastructure to support the conduction of large cohort studies and clinical trials and provide training for upcoming research scientists at the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria in the area of NCD research.

The United States’ National Institutes of Health Fogarty International Centre’s training grant; “Training program in Nigeria for Non-Communicable Diseases Research’ (TRAPING NCD) (FIC/NIH D43TW009106)”. (PI- Prof. Clement Adebamowo) has enabled the training of several doctoral researchers in the field of non-communicable disease epidemiology thereby building capacity for the conduct of research in this important area in Nigeria.