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Maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality are major global health issues that require the attention of both governmental and non-governmental organizations. Every day, about 830 avoidable deaths occur among women during pregnancy and childbirth worldwide. Unfortunately, developing countries accounts for 99% of maternal deaths mainly caused by pre- and post-partum hemorrhage, infections, eclampsia, intrapartum complications and unsafe abortion. Similarly, about 6 million under-five children are dying yearly especially in neonatal life which is also the period where about 45% of under-five deaths occur. Globally, prematurity/low birth weight, birth trauma, infections and birth asphyxia are the leading causes of under-five mortality. In addition to the direct causes of maternal and childhood mortality, indirect factors such maternal, paternal, socio-economic, demographic, child and contextual factors also contribute to this menace. In order to address maternal, neonatal and child morbidity and mortality adequately, it is important to deploy a comprehensive intervention package that entails hospital-, community- and health system-based intervention.