• Address: Pent House, Maina Court, Plot 252, HMW
    CBD, Abuja, Nigeria.

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NIMR’s mission: To conduct research into diseases of public health importance in Nigeria and develop structures for the dissemination of research findings while providing the enabling environment and facilities for health research and training in cooperation with the federal and state ministries of health and in collaboration with universities, allied institutions and organized private sector nationally and internationally.


The Institute has the following functions:. Undertake research and development work on drugs, biological products including vaccines and pharmaceutical raw materials from indigenous natural resources and by synthesis using appropriate science and technology methodologies. Conduct appropriate investigations and consequent applications in the areas of evaluation, preservation, purification, standardization, safety and rational utilization of traditional medicine.

Develop methodologies for quality assessment of biological products, orthodox and herbal medicines including their raw materials.

Serve as reference center for research work on the biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, storage and stability of imported and locally manufactured drugs and biological products.

Conduct research and development work into pharmaceutical biotechnology, nutrition, cosmetics and environmental science for improved quality of life and the conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Establish and operate a quality assurance laboratory for pharmaceutical raw materials and products.

Promote and sponsor staff development; through training courses, workshops, and fellowship within and outside Nigeria.